San Shou


San Shou is a new style of wushu (Chinese martial art). It is a consolidation of Chinese martial art theories and techniques into a new form that consists of rules and the ability to execute techniques at full power. It is a complete system of realistic unarmed combat covering the skills of striking, grappling, wrestling, groundfighting, and weapon defenses. San shou is a kickboxing style, it consists of standard kicks and punches, but then it enters into entrapment, which leads to throws or takedowns. Another added feature is that a competitor can push or throw his opponent off a lei tai (platform), adding excitement to the bouts.

Modern San Shou developed into a sport about the same time as modern Wushu during the 1960's by the Chinese Government. In order to define a standard kung fu fighting style, the great masters from all over China were given the task of organizing the huge heritage of Chinese martial arts in to a system of rules in which different styles could complete. Protective equipment was also added to further reduce the risk of serious injury. Lately, the Chinese government have promoted San Shou into a nation-wide sport and held formal national and international championships every year.

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