Pentjak Silat


Pentjak Silat is the Indonesian set of Martial Arts, all with different styles and schools (over 400 of them). Pentjak Silat depends heavily on an indigenous weapons and animal-styles heritage. In the (distant) past, it was predominately a weapons system; empty hand techniques are derived from the weapons forms. Pentjak Silat is a term covering many styles, some of the styles are very old (more than 1000 years) and some were developed recently. There is a mixture of indigenous techniques along with techniques borrowed from Chinese Wu Shu and Indian arts such as Kalaripayit.

Techniques are varied, although kicks are not emphasized much. Foot work is sophisticated. The foot and hand techniques are so subtle and intricate that they are often taught separately, then integrated after the student has mastered them individually. There is a good balance between offensive and defensive techniques.

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